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important: chassis numbers are as reported by owners -- their appearance here does not guarantee authenticity.

Previous Updates

Updates prior to October, 2018

-- SB1938 -- A "true blue" S2 race car is restored to pristine road-going glory!
-- SB1325 -- An early S2 returns to UK for a much needed restoration after a hard west coast life!
-- SB1587 -- FOR SALE (again!) -- Genuine vintage racer, now fettled, ready for new rubber and Vintage Racing!
-- SB2925 -- New Lower Price! The rare and fast SIV Seven - a beautiful example, and FOR SALE!
-- MK7#465 -- A special bodied S1 Seven, having lost its unique look, is restored to standard spec.
-- SB2240 -- FOR SALE -- A nicely restored S2 with original aluminium and appropriate patina
-- SB1518 -- PRICE DROP! -- A true past racer, ready for restoration, now 20% off!
-- SB1153 -- SOLD! -- An early S2 project with BMC engine - accepting offers Sept 5-12.
-- SB1760 -- A few modifications to this sparkling S2 make it just what every driver needs.
-- MK7#404 -- The 5th Lotus Seven ever built, the 2nd of just 5 Climax-powered de Dion cars!
-- The 7X -- One of a kind SIV Seven racer on public view, first time since 1970's!
-- MK7#449 -- FOR SALE -- One of the first four dealer delivered Sevens in the USA ready to race!

Updates prior to October, 2017

-- 7 PARTS -- Richard Jones offers a pair of Weber DCOE40's, manifolds and a cam
-- SB1518 -- FOR SALE -- A true past racer, ready for restoration
-- SB2138 -- SOLD! -- A truly stunning restoration on a new Arch frame
-- TOO FAST TO RACE! -- From the vault of the Legend of the Lotus Seven!
-- SB2073 -- A really nice restoration (slight mods) changes hands yet again...
-- SB1587 -- SOLD! -- Updated ad, photos, FRAME number confirmation and PRICE DROP!
-- Wingards Again! -- Reproduction Wingard Lamps are available again -- and SOON THORPES TOO!
-- SB1099 -- A meticulously restored S2 returns to Simplesevens, now SOLD!
-- SB1481 -- SOLD New Owner info and updates coming soon.
-- FRAME L563/763 -- Updated photos and owner on this apparently genuine S1 IRS Seven!
-- LSB2097 -- Finally! Another Seven added back into the new SimpleSevens format!
-- STORY -- My first drive in a Super Seven -- it was only 15 years ago in LSB2097...
-- SB2073 -- SOLD! -- A beautifully restored Seven with a few small but nicely integrated mods.
-- SB1946 -- After 30 years of storage, an S2 1/2 is back on the road--with some axle tips too!
-- SB1587 -- SOLD! -- 1962 S2, last raced late 80's/early 90's... a true "carport find!"
-- SB1532 -- Pro Driver John Morton's first race car? A Seven of course! Where is it now?

Updates prior to October, 2015

-- SB1158 -- Now Offered on Ebay Ending July 6 (click here for listing)
-- SB2245 -- An excellent restoration of a genuine Seven and FOR SALE!
-- SB2100 -- Found languishing in a Florida boneyard, this original LHD Seven returns to UK for restoration
-- SB1325 -- Interestingly modified to IRS for AutoX, this rejuvenated Seven had a little surprise of its own.
-- SB1192 -- From California to a basket of bits, restored in Canada, now in UK to undergo restoration again!
-- SB1096 -- From completely disassembled in California, USA, to beautifully restored in UK!
-- SB1512 -- Great story and history if this S2, period photos too -- but where is it now?
-- PARTS -- A broad collection of parts, some NOS, some used, all For Sale!
-- WELDING! -- Yes, I'm still here, and here's a bit from Bill Fayers on correct welding rods for use in Lotus chassis repair
-- SB2245 -- A really nicely restored S3 Seven in classic 'Prisoner' scheme
-- SB1211 -- A long time in rebuild but to a very useable spec... with DSK Formula Car Front Suspension and FOR SALE!
-- Wingardium Leviosa! --Forgive the Harry Potter reference, but as if by magic, you can now buy perfect Wingard Replicas!
-- SB2339 -- A somewhat modified S3 Seven, a one owner, continuously used and upgraded example. Very shiny!
-- SB1449 -- A sharp Series 2 car with a few updates, owner's intention is to take it back to more original spec.
-- SB2921 -- Another beautiful SIV Lotus Seven. Single family owner, and with some unique original specs.
-- SB2925 -- New Lower Price! The rare and fast SIV Seven - a beautiful example, and FOR SALE!
-- SB2115 -- A few photos of a later Series 2 car, some nice original patina and fresh fiberglass refinishing

Updates prior to November, 2013

-- UPDATE -- Current images and status of the Clairmonte Special and the single version build.
-- SB2489 -- Early history an dphotos of a Series 3 Seven, survivor of several restorations, currently undergoing another!
-- SB1736 -- The complete history of a fully restored Seven - currently with over 100,000 miles on the clock!
-- MK7#??? -- An apparent IRS Series One Seven, albeit highly modified, seeks history and information. Can you help?
-- SB2366 -- A Seven sells to a new owner, and its web page is updated to the new format.
-- SB1090 -- Pat Kelly's web page now updated to new format.
-- The CLAIRMONTE Special -- A Republication in honor of the passing of our friend Peter Ross
-- SB2925 -- The rare and fast SIV Seven - a beautiful example, and FOR SALE!
-- SB1290 -- Yet another nice S2, a UK import with early US East Coast race History.
-- SB1722 -- Another nice S2 America joins SimpleSevens!
-- SB2366 -- FOR SALE: A nicely preserved Seven with just a few bolt on modifications.
-- SB2073 -- Updated page of a nicely restored Seven with a few little owner tweaks!
-- MK7#409 -- The Restoration Of Brian Hart's Seven begins with notes from the owner.
-- SB1310 -- Restored and in competition Down Under - an early S2 Seven
-- SB1760 -- A sharp Seven owned and sold, then bought back again!
-- MK7#409 -- The Tenth Lotus Seven ever made, and Brian Hart's race car prepare for a daunting restoration.
-- SB2325 -- Refresh yourself of the history of the Jim Gallagher Seven -- it's about to re-appear with a new owner!
-- SB2211 -- New photos and exploits of a well traveled UK based Seven with a long time owner
-- SB2366 -- Progress updates detailing a sharp looking West Coast Seven
-- SB2103 -- Recently changed hands -- this beautifully restored S2 resides in England

Updates prior to September, 2012

-- FRAME #1235 -- A Challenge -- not only to rebuild, but first to identify the car's history -- Can you help?
-- SB2402 -- Lovely deep blue S3 Seven with apparent race history... (page will be reposted shortly)
-- SB2237 -- A beautifully restored Seven, with a history from UK, to Hong Kong, to Denmark!
-- SB2114 -- With the patina of regular use, then stored for 24 years, SB2114 sees the light of day again!
-- SB1618 -- Another long lost Seven, bought, traded away, bought back, sold on ebay... now where is it?
-- SB1167 -- A long lost Seven, with period photos and East Coast race history... is it found?
-- SY KABACK -- The tribute biography of an East Coast Lotus dealer (originally presented in 2001)
-- SIV Seven DE-DION -- The factory-built SIV Clubman Car presented by the Anglo-Canadian Corner
-- 34TPF--7/20 -- David Porter's Lotus Seven Reg no 34TPF aka 7/20 Restoration... or Re-creation?
-- PARTS -- Bill Fayers offers another selection of gauges, clutches and other random bits
-- S2 NOSE -- ALUMINUM nose for Series 2 Seven FOR SALE
-- LOTUS ENGINEERING A Flashback in honor of my son's Summer Internship at Lotus Engineering

History - Legend - Stories - For Sale

MKVI - MK7 S1 | SB1000 - 1499 | SB1500 - 1999 | SB2000 - 2499 | SB2500 - 2999 | SB3000 +
important: chassis numbers are as reported by owners -- their appearance here does not guarantee authenticity.