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For Sale

Lotus Seven Automobiles, Parts and Related Items for Sale
No fee for listing, until your item sells at which point I will hit you up for a reasonable donation of old parts or cash -- If you are desperate to get your advert up immediately, I'll happily accept pre-payment! Submit your ad by clicking here.

AC speedo 100 mph
AC capillary/mechanical temperature gauge 40 to 110c
AC oil pressure gauge to 75 psi
Smiths chronometric tach 5 to 8000 rpm.

Please contact Terry Stillman by email: [email protected]
Richard jones offers a pair of of Weber/Ford intake manifolds and a David Newman cam

October 2016 -- Bill Fayers offers MORE Books and Bits potentially usable on your Lotus Seven!

David Painter resumes production of Wingard tail lamps, beings Thorpe production!

FOUND! Raydyot spun aluminum racing mirror in nice condition.
Must have the engraved Raydyot logo on the body. Top dollar paid for a nice part.
Paul Ray offers a collection of parts, some NOS, some used, all SOLD!
Support SimpleSevens -- Buy a CD or USB drive with a Complete Web Archive up to 2010
Fuel Sending Unit, Smiths Amp Gauge and Brake Shoes SOLD
Series 2 aluminum nose, hand formed in England, with Series One style grille -- SOLD

Cars - History - Legend - Stories - For Sale