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For Sale

Support SimpleSevens' Mission to share history, information and stories about genuine Lotus Sevens!
Buy the COMPLETE files of up to December 2010, on CD-ROM or USB drive:

CD-ROM, shipped in USA: $40.00 -- outside USA: $50.00
USB Flash Drive shipped in USA: $50.00 -- outside USA: $60.00

Please order your CD or USB drive by emailing me personally by clicking here:
John A. Donohoe I will accept payment via paypal (to [email protected])

Your disk or drive will contain experimental pages I have developed through the years as well as pages and photos that have been posted in response to specific questions posed by Lotus Seven owners. Included is the complete 'details' directory which has never been linked from the web site.

The files previously accessible through will be accessible through your internet browser as if you were on the original web site. Additional files will be accessible by opening them directly from the file directory of the CD or USB

Note that there is content which was never linked on the web site that will be included, over 500 pages in all and literally thousands of images in total!

I would like to be clear that I am not selling the contents of the site which have a hugely larger value. I am selling the service of having organized it and putting it all on a portable media so that you may access all of the files at will, with or without internet access. Further, I am presuming that anyone who has provided content will understand that any such content has been publicly accessible online for many years now.

Cars - History - Legend - Stories - For Sale