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important: chassis numbers are as reported by owners -- their appearance here does not guarantee authenticity.

Jeff Lehmann's 1965 Lotus Seven
Charlotte, NC


John Watson States: "The factory states Chassis # SB2008 and Frame (maker's) #____ are on the same left hand drive car." All of the below timeline of ownership is documented, Lotus Certificate of Provenance shows the car was delivered March 5th 1965 to Alan Brown (of Beverly Hills California) and was registered in London with address of the London Hotel Park Lane.

Alan may have been some type of interim dealer as he sold the car to Tom Smith (of Dallas Texas) on May 5th, 1965 where it was registered in Spain. The car was registered to Tom in Spain at the Aerea Torrejon Air Force Base and assigned the license tag M-110 90 (a Military license tag) that still sits on the car today. The car was brought to the USA by Tom Smith and sold to Martin Sellers (of Dublin Ohio) in April 1966.

Martin raced the car in SCCA (Watkins Glen, Mid Ohio, Nelson Ledges) No log book comes with the car. The original engine (Cosworth 116E) expired in 1967 at the SCCA Mid Ohio Nationals. The car had the "SCCA" high compression Cosworth 109E engine installed using original Webers and Hobbs transmission before being sold to John Riner. The 109E replacement engine is still in the car today.

No details of John Riner's ownership are known. John Riner sold the car on July 20, 1979 to Jerry Castellucci of Mt Airy Maryland for $6,000.

The car was wearing its original Red up to this point but Jerry Castelucci painted it a darker red, Russo Robino to match his Ferrari. Jerry made modifications to the car with the larger front hubs, rear axle and shorter gas tank but all original parts were kept. Jerry sold the car to John Doremus (of Wichita Kansas) in September 1987 for $10,400

Jack used the car as an occasional commuter moving from Kansas to Florida and then settling in an Atlanta Ga suburb. Jack had not driven the car for about 5 years and decided to sell it to Jeff Lehmann (Current Owner) on January 15, 2019.

Recent History
The car was mechanically refreshed and running gear was put back to original which all came with the car.
All Aluminum pieces still retain the Russo Robino Laquer paint but fiberglass wings and nose were painted to match in 2019.
Original Standard 10 (TR10) Axle (4.77 x 1) fitted to the car. Refreshed in 2019.
Original Serck Radiator is in place boiled out and pressure tested.
Original Smiths Heater installed and working in car.
New Spax shocks and suspension bushings replaced in 2019.
Weber Carbs rebuilt 2019.
New Powerspark distributor installed in 2019 with new plugs, wires and coil.
Gear reduction starter 2019.
Most gauges rebuilt in 2020 by West Valley Instruments.
Speedo is original. Accurate mileage but does not read speed accurately.
New Seats in 2019 (new covers and Bases patterned after originals).
Original red leather covered steering wheel in very good condition but not perfect.

Original Lamiplate dash and interior side pieces in very good condition.
Full weather gear in very good original condition included with the car (Top, Side Windows, short and long tonneau).
Original muffler re packed as a replacement with the same diameter could not be sourced, 2020.
New Stainless hubcaps all around.
Original rims cleaned and Powder Coated.
145/13 Pirelli Cinturatos installed new 2019.
New windshield installed 2019.
All new windshield rubber and aluminum surround buffed to a high gloss 2019.
New Facet Fuel pump 2019.
New Clutch and Brake master, Water Pump, Slave Cylinder, Seat Cover Kit, Rear Wings, Swirl Pot from Tony Ingraham 2019.
Rear brake cylinders replaced 2019.
Front calipers rebuilt 2019.
Custom made by Serck Short tank fitted to accommodate battery relocated to the rear.
Original Serck long gas tank included with the sale.
New Optima Red top installed 2019.
Positive ground car.
All original and modified parts removed from the car included in the sale.
Front parking lights not affixed to the car currently but included with the sale.
Original Owners manual and assorted Lotus Seven books go with the car.
Spare nose, Hood, Front and rear wings included with the sale.
Capri Rear Axle (3.68 x 1 Ratio) comes with the car.
Special Lotus Front Hubs with 4 1/4" spacing to match Capri rear end ordered in 1981 come with the car.
Close Ratio (Mexico) transmission freshly rebuilt (by Quantum Mechanics) comes with the car.
Receipts for work done on the car go back to Jerry Castelucci's ownership, 1979.
Car is located in Charlotte NC.

Contact Jeff Lehmann at [email protected] or phone 336-324-3821
located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

History - Legend - Stories - For Sale

MKVI - MK7 S1 | SB1000 - 1499 | SB1500 - 1999 | SB2000 - 2499 | SB2500 - 2999 | SB3000 +
important: chassis numbers are as reported by owners -- their appearance here does not guarantee authenticity.