Seven America on the Rolling Road at Lotus Engineering at Ann Arbor, Michigan

John Donohoe
February 2003

One: "We Need a Volunteer"

Interested in sports cars for years, I have long been aware of dynamometer engine testing, understanding early on the difference between power measured at the flywheel and power measured at the wheels. I have seen photos of engines and cars 'on the dyno', but never had the chance to see a test in action, much less participate in one!

In the cold early February of 2003, I received a regular email announcement from the Southeast Michigan chapter of Lotus Limited, of which I am a member and attendee of events as they fit my schedule and/or budget. This email was announcing a winter meeting of the club, which was to be a breakfast and tour of the Lotus Engineering facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I had noticed the Lotus facility in the past, traveling in or out of Ann Arbor, and even stopped in once to find out what goes on there. I understood that they were an engine testing facility, offering engine and drivetrain testing and development services to the automotive industry. The interesting bit about the tour, however, was that as a demonstration, Lotus Engineering were offering to put two cars on their rolling road for a sample measure of power output at the wheels. The email indicated that they already had a 1969 Elan lined up but that they were hoping for a Seven as a second demonstrator...

photo above: Christmas, 2002


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