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Lotus Seven Research and Musings by William Fayers
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Mallock Suspension
August 2017, with credit to Cars and Car Conversions magazine (UK)

The 7X: As gleaned from Barry Foley and John Robinson
August 2017: The 7X on Public Show!

vvv       please scroll down for previous entries       vvv Bronze Welding Rods Suitable for Repair on your Lotus

News From Lotus England (circa 1964): Colin Chapman B.Sc. Chairman
F.R. Bushel A.C.A. Managing Director -- The Board of Directors -- Lotus in Export Markets -- Lotus factories

The Twincam SS: Press photo courtesy of John Robinson

Development of the Series IV Seven: The story as told by John Robinson

The Series IV Clubman De-Dion Car History and restoration

The 7Y: As told by Barry Flegg and Dave Walden and currently under restoration by Richard McArthur

Lotus Seven Parts and Repair Notes: Something to learn from?

Lotus Seven Parts Suppliers List: Where in the world to find Lotus Seven Parts!

Lotus and the Holbay Connection: An interview with the Founder's Son