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Mallock Suspension

Quite a number of years ago I inquired with Mallock Sports regarding some spare Ford rear axle parts for my Lotus Seven. Mr. Arthur Mallock provided very helpful information, and then sent me a series of letters explaining his preferred method of locating a Ford or BMC rear axle in the various rear wheel drive versions of his Mallock Sports racing cars. I later found some articles published in Cars and Car Conversions magazine (U.K.), and with written permission from the then editor, I was granted the opportunity to reprint them as long as I gave credit to C & CC. (credit so given.)

I noted some on-line requests for information on Mallock suspension methods, and so I posted some of the details I had to a number of forum subscribers. Since then I have received further requests for this information, and with John Donohoe's go-ahead have placed them on this site. Although not an authentic factory option on a live axle Lotus Seven, the articles from Arthur Mallock are food for thought regarding some of the suspension possibilities that Lotus could have incorporated to further improve the roadholding of the Seven. Mr. Mallock's tried and tested engineering concepts certainly would have avoided rear axle case breakages on the Seven, and the subsequent fitting of the heavy steel reinforcing plate by Caterham and Lotus.