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 This page will soon be a showroom of DSK Refurbished Lotus Sevens and Performance Parts.
- for display only -

DSK dealt in used Lotus Sevens in their heyday, the shop often packed shoulder to shoulder with Sevens of varying specification. Several Sevens received complete overhauls at the hands of DSK, and several of them are known to SimpleSevens. Those cars will soon be presented here in detail, along with a current look at DSK performance parts as they are found on Lotus Sevens today. SimpleSevens currently owns a complete 'Formula Car Front Suspension' kit consisting of upper A-frames, modified bracketry, and anti-roll bar, and also a 'Rear Anti-Roll Bar' kit.

SimpleSevens is interested in collecting additional parts, information and documentation of DSK Refurbished Sevens and performance parts for presentation on this site. Please contact [email protected]