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Lotus Seven Research and Musings by William Fayers
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News From Lotus England (circa 1964):
Colin Chapman B.Sc. Chairman
F.R. Bushel A.C.A. Managing Director
The Board of Directors
Lotus in Export Markets
Lotus factories

The Twincam SS:
Press photo courtesy of John Robinson

The 7X:
As gleaned from Barry Foley and John Robinson

Development of the Series IV Seven:
The story as told by John Robinson

The Series IV Clubman De-Dion Car
History and restoration

The 7Y:
As told by Barry Flegg and Dave Walden
and currently under restoration by Richard McArthur

Lotus Seven Parts and Repair Notes
Something to learn from?

Lotus Seven Parts Suppliers List
Where in the world to find Lotus Seven Parts!

Lotus and the Holbay Connection
An interview with the Founder's Son